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My Hydration Solution

My Hydration Solution

This bottle is of such excellent quality. I have had others that tracked water intake but not like this.
Andrew E.
Fantastic bottle

Fantastic bottle

Has helped me drink 3.5l per day. Brilliant water bottle that myself and partner have been using daily. Has prompted me to drink so much that I was missing, and would happily buy another.
Daniel C.
Excellent Smart Bottle

Excellent Smart Bottle

I bought this bottle to help me remember to drink when I'm out and about or hyper-focusing on a project at home. Before purchasing this product, there would be days when the only liquid I consumed was once glass of water, usually at night when it occurred to me that I was super thirsty and hadn't drunk anything all day. Now I get frequent reminders to take a sip here and there. My body has been thanking me for it!
Trif M.
Favorite water bottle

Favorite water bottle

Let me start by saying I love the bottle. It works well and easy to connect! Keeps ice in it all night. I’ve been drinking WAY more water since getting this! Love it. Highly recommend!!
Martina S.
High quality product

High quality product

This bottle is the real deal. I came over from another company's hydration bottles - bottles whose electronics kept failing, and I found this one night while searching. I have only had it a short amount of time and they have already added even more features to the bottle. My hydration has improved and I love how solid this bottle is, charge last over a week. Super impressed. You will be too.
Andrew B E.
Great buy!

Great buy!

Love this cup! I am trying to increase my water intake so I bought this bottle to help me keep track of how much I’m consuming. It’s definitely with the money and makes tracking super easy. I am so glad it comes with a straw top option. I also love that it has a loop to help you carry it around. My husband bought a similar water bottle from another company and his bottle is super heavy and hard to carry.

Reclaim Your Day

WaterH is your ally in regaining control over your well-being. Say goodbye to those late-night regrets and embrace a positive, empowered tomorrow.

Elevate Your Well-being

Hydration is more than just drinking water; it’s a daily commitment to knowing you’re in control of your vitality and wellness.

Empower Your Journey

WaterH is more than a bottle; it’s a symbol of empowerment, reminding you that every sip is a step towards your best self.

Inspire Others

Your hydration journey isn’t just personal; it’s a source of inspiration for those around you, showcasing the beauty of self-care.