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Health & Wellness at your finger tips!

An App to Conquer Hydration

Health & Wellness at your finger tips!

An App to Conquer Hydration

The WaterH app tracks so much more than your hydration. It calibrates your data over time and recommends how to achieve your hydration goals based on your physiology and personal preference.

Hydrate Smarter

WaterH measures how much water you need based on your goals, physicality and lifestyle. 

Track Performance

As hydration amount is displayed, it serves as a positive visual reinforcement to maintain momentum. The WaterH journal allows you to see your hydration pattern in any timeframe.

Live Healthier

A busy lifestyle is usually the culprit of not drinking enough water. WaterH takes into consideration your lifestyle and routines so that hydration doesn’t feel like a chore or an extra task. 

Get Educated

Excel anyone? Reports can be requested on demand and will be sent to your email. Deep dive into your hydration data is made possible with just a click of a button.

Eliminate Guesswork

See yourself getting closer and closer to your daily hydration goal as the water fills up on the WaterH app.

Stay Motivated. Share Progress

Celebrating the small and big wins. Positive reinforcements through badges and achievements is an excellent way to conquer hydration in an enjoyable and fun manner.

Setup in Seconds

The WaterH app can be found in the App or Google Play store.

Pairing the bottle and phone is easy and can literally be done in seconds.

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